Make Time for Music

Since 1991, LVEF’s annual Make Time for Music concerts have served as both a showcase for our talented middle and high school students and a fundraiser to keep the music in our hearts and ears. Now for two years, LVEF has had to cancel the band, orchestra, and choral concerts due to the pandemic, but the funding needs remain.

The pandemic may have taken away the ability to perform in front of a live audience, but it has not extinguished the talent nor passion for music within the Livermore student community. Music education promotes greater academic success, overall wellbeing, and lifelong skills for our students. Please help ensure that LVJUSD’s high quality music programs have everything they need to keep thriving this year and in years to come. 

Music gives a

Soul to the Universe,

Wings to the Mind,

Flight to the Imagination,

& Life to Everything


If you had a student or were a student in the LVJUSD music programs or are someone who knows the joy that music brings to your heart when the notes hit your ears, please consider a donation.

LVEF looks forward to the future when we can Make Time for Music together again!

Thank you,

The LVEF Board and the LVJUSD Music Department 

Published by Livermore Valley Education Foundation

The Livermore Valley Education Foundation is dedicated to restoring and enhancing academic and extra-curricular programs in the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District. We are an independent foundation that works closely, but is separate from, the LVJUSD. Founded in the 1991, the LVEF is an all-volunteer organization run by a dedicated, local board of directors.

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