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LVEF is honored to fund projects and programs that help us achieve our mission of “championing exceptional educational opportunities for all LVJUSD students.”

LVEF offers the following grant programs:

LVEF Flash Grant:

Apply for a Flash Grant if:

  • You are requesting up to $350, and

  • The funds you are requesting will fully fund your project.

Please note:

  • Chromebooks and iPads are not eligible for Flash Grants (but are eligible for LVEF / Rotary Mini-Grants, below.)

  • If your request is technology-related, make sure that the LVJUSD District Office will support the technology before you submit your grant application.


1.  Please provide a detailed budget with your request.
2.  Applications that request sustainable items rather than consumable and recurring items are encouraged.
3.  Flash Grants are designed to fund an entire project rather than be one of several grant funds for a project.
4.  Flash grants are intended to fund relatively small and urgent (time is of the essence) requests.
5.  LVEF expects applicants to seek funds that may be available from their site, department, or parent group before applying for a Flash Grant.
6.  Applicants should not simultaneously apply for an LVEF Flash Grant and a mini-grant from Rotary as LVEF matches approved Rotary grants.

Click here to apply for a Flash Grant!

LVEF / Rotary Mini-Grant: 

Apply for a Mini-Grant if you are requesting up to $1,000. Mini-Grants are available through the Morning Rotary Club and Afternoon Rotary Club. Use the Mini-Grant program to apply for funding for site-specific Chromebooks and iPads.

LVEF / Rotary Foundation Innovation in Education (IE) Grant:

Innovation in Education Grants are offered to LVJUSD educators to fund projects that challenge the ordinary and are innovative in scope and application. LVEF is excited to support projects and programs that allow students to take divergent thinking paths and explore concepts that are out of the everyday. These projects will pose creative questions that offer the possibility for new ideas and allow for a free-flow of creativity. Collaboratively, teachers and students will be able to measure the results of their learning. Projects and programs funded through this grant process should be designed to be shared with colleagues; ideally, they will inspire additional innovative teaching and learning.

Apply for an IE Grant if you are requesting between $1,000 and $3,000. Applications will be assessed in 5 areas:

1. Innovation

2. Positively impacts student learning

3. Has measurable results

4. Replicability

5. Ability to achieve common core state standards

Click here to apply for an IE Grant.


William and Sally Dunlop Foundation Grant:

The William and Sally Dunlop Foundation Grant is named for two of our most honored Board Directors, Dr. William Dunlop and Sally Dunlop. The Dunlop’s have devoted their lives to benefiting the Livermore Community through their boundless philanthropy and kindness. We are proud  to create this grant in their names.

Livermore Valley Education Foundation Director – Education Committee Dr. William H. Dunlop received his PhD in Nuclear Physics from UCLA, and has worked at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory since 1972. He served as Division Leader for thermonuclear weapons development and then as Program Leader overseeing the Non-Proliferation, Arms Control and Treaty Verification work. This assignment included his membership in US delegation to the Nuclear Testing Talks and then to the US delegation t the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva. He served as the Technical Advisor to the US Ambassador to the Conference on Disarmament during the negotiation of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Dr. Dunlop is currently the Chairman of the Nuclear Forensics Science Panel for National Technical Nuclear Forensics Center. He also is co-chair of a panel of experts that supports the Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC). Dr. Dunlop Founded the Livermore Valley Education Foundation, became it first president and continues to serve on the LVEF Board. He served on the Livermore School Board from 2004 through 2014.

Sally Dunlop – As a member of the California Music Educators Association and the American Choral Directors Association, Ms. Dunlop presently serves on the Livermore Cultural Arts Council and the Commission for the Arts for the City of Livermore.  She sings with the San Francisco Bay Area Chamber Singers who have sung at the Vatican, St. Marks Cathedral in Venice, Chartres Cathedral in France and many countries throughout Europe. Ms. Dunlop taught choral music at Livermore and Granada High Schools in Livermore and directed the music for the musicals for 18 years. Her choirs have received Unanimous Superior ratings at festivals and toured to Southern California, Nevada, Hawaii and New York City where they had the privilege of singing in Carnegie Hall.

Click here to apply for a Bill and Sally Dunlop Foundation grant.


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