What We Do

For nearly three decades LVEF has offered a funding life-line for Livermore public school programs

LVEF funding has helped sustain endangered academic, arts, and athletics programs through periods of severe fiscal cuts. We have provided significant financial support for athletics; music; drama; visual arts; science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs; library services; and much more.

During the 2002-2003 fiscal crisis, LVEF stepped in to fund class-size reduction programs to counteract cuts made in primary grade classrooms. LVEF also helped increase computer technology hours at all school sites and retain part-time counselors at our high schools.

The LVEF funds a variety of mini grants, site block grants, and excellence-in-teaching awards. Additionally, LVEF partners with the Livermore Valley Rotary Club to match contributions made through annual Rotary mini-grant donations to the Livermore school district.

In partnership with national laboratories and security agencies, LVEF funds scholarship awards for Livermore high school seniors

Livermore schools enjoy a strong tradition of after-school enrichment programs. LVEF has strongly advocated for these programs by supporting Science Odyssey, Math Counts, homework clubs, and much more.

Reflecting its enduring commitment to the arts, LVEF has provided substantial funding for elementary school music education for all fifth graders, district-wide.

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