LVEF / Rotary Foundation Innovation in Education (IE) Grant:

Innovation in Education Grants are offered to LVJUSD educators to fund projects that challenge the ordinary and are innovative in scope and application. LVEF is excited to support projects and programs that allow students to take divergent thinking paths and explore concepts that are out of the everyday. These projects will pose creative questions that offer the possibility for new ideas and allow for a free-flow of creativity. Collaboratively, teachers and students will be able to measure the results of their learning. Projects and programs funded through this grant process should be designed to be shared with colleagues; ideally, they will inspire additional innovative teaching and learning.

Apply for an IE Grant if you are requesting between $1,000 and $3,000. Applications will be assessed in 5 areas:

  1. Innovation
  2. Positively impacts student learning
  3. Has measurable results
  4. Replicability
  5. Ability to achieve common core state standards

Applications are due by January and September 30th each year.

Apply for an Innovation in Education Grant.

Published by Livermore Valley Education Foundation

The Livermore Valley Education Foundation is dedicated to restoring and enhancing academic and extra-curricular programs in the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District. We are an independent foundation that works closely, but is separate from, the LVJUSD. Founded in the 1991, the LVEF is an all-volunteer organization run by a dedicated, local board of directors.

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